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Trust, but verify

Like any electrical system, over time your fire alarm will begin to wear down. Make sure that you've got the tools you need to keep yourself safe when you call us today.


It's impossible to tell just by looking at a fire alarm, if it will function when you need it to. The only way to find out what shape your fire alarm is in besides a full annual inspection, is to wait until your home or business is filling with smoke and then hang around to see if the alarm goes off.


Don't gamble with your life. Take advantage of our special internet-only offer and SAVE on your next fire alarm or sprinkler inspection. Call today to find out how.

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What you can do

Know your system

How old and involved your fire alarm system is can change how frequently you need it inspected. In the case of relatively modern systems we may even be able to test your system remotely using our monitoring tools.


Have a plan

Be ready to respond when your fire alarm goes off. Having a plan of escape set in advance will prevent you from freezing up, and allow you to get to safety. Our fire safety specialists can help you to design an escape plan for your business.


Stay up to date

Are you keeping up with your annual inspections? Make sure that you keep yourself safe with annual inspections of your fire alarm and sprinkler system, as well as checks on your fire extinguishers.

Mention this offer and SAVE 10% on your next inspection.

Monitor and protect your entire building with a networked fire prevention system.







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