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ACS Inspection Service

Be proactive in fighting fires

With a little help from our expert technicians you can do better than fighting fire with fire. For over 17 years we've been winning the trust of our community with the most reliable sprinkler installations.


All of our sprinkler systems utilize the highest quality components, from our sprinkler heads and supply lines, to our sensor systems. That's why we can guarantee that your small business will be as safe as possible once we're done with it.

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Invest in your safety

Buy yourself some time

Even with the worst fires a sprinkler system can be helpful. If your sprinkler doesn't completely put out the fire it will at least slow down the fire's spread, buying more time for you and your employees to make it to safety.


A local icon

For over 17 years we've been saving lives across the valley. From Peoria to Phoenix there's no one that offers better sprinkler systems or more comprehensive repairs than A.C.S. Inspection Services LLC. As a locally owned and operated company we're committed to keeping you safe.


Reliable technicians

Your time is too important to waste waiting for someone to show up to service your sprinkler system. Our technicians are always prompt, and we'll let you know if something makes them run late. Depend on us for proactive communication and fair pricing, call today.

Call now and SAVE 10% on your next sprinkler inspection.

Stay safe with a quality sprinkler system installed and maintained by our technicians.







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